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  1. What Has Been Hurting MMA? Is It Slowly Dieing Because Of Regulations? - Posted: October 25th, 2018.
    As MMA Slows, More and More Doors For Kickboxing & Muay Thai Start To Open Wider And Wider. "Be A Part Of Something GREAT!"

  2. IKF Once Again Forced To Put Up A Defense! - Posted: June 1st, 2007
    Answers To Confused Kickboxers' Questions about the Truths & Myths of Wako and Kick being OLYMPIC Organizations (Updated 6-13-07)

  3. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Posted: November 12th, 2004

  4. Finding A Fighter For A TITLE? - Posted: October 15th, 2004, AT 12:30 PM

  5. IKF Says No To Co-Sanction - Posted: October 12th, 2004, AT 6:30 PM
    Randy Pogue Isn't The Only One Frustrated with ISKA!

  6. Q & A To IKF President Steve Fossum - Posted: September, 2004

  7. LEGAL Headgear For Competition - Posted: June 16th, 2004, AT 8:20 PM

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  15. "It's a FREE COUNTRY, So Let Anybody Do What They Want." Posted: February 26th, 2003

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